Finding leads as a new agent or even as a seasoned realtor can often seem like an overwhelming task. When I started real estate, I only knew a handful of people in Connecticut and most of them from out-of-state. There’s no doubt its tough putting yourself out there, especially when you’re not a natural extrovert (such as myself). The keys to success in finding leads are simple: create a system that works for you, be consistent, keep talking to people and, most of all, be yourself.

You could meet anyone and get to talking about real estate (make it happen!) and perhaps they don’t have an immediate interest in buying or selling. BUT if you make a good impression and genuinely seem excited about what you do, they’ll remember that. This comes in handy when their cousin or neighbor suddenly asks if they can recommend a good realtor.

Be sure to nurture those relationships and check-in with them every now and then. It may not feel like it, but there’s always an excuse to follow up. You’ll want to keep your name fresh in their memory when that beautiful day comes and you get an awesome referral!

Not sure how to get out there and meet new people? Having trouble nurturing those existing relationships?

The 24 activities listed below that should help get you started:

  1. Create and send an eCard to everyone in your contact list announcing that you have joined your office/company.
  2. Send handwritten notes to five people in your contact list each business day.
  3. Meet five new contacts each day. Ask who they know that may have a real estate need. Add them to your database of contacts.
  4. Schedule and conduct an open house at a selected property weekly.
  5. Send open house invitations to 25 residents surrounding the selected open house property.
  6. Call selected people in your database and invite them to your next open house.
  7. Send monthly/quarterly e-Newsletters to contacts in your database.
  8. Create a weekly For Sale By Owner contact plan. Contact and follow-up as scheduled.
  9. Visit 25 homeowners surrounding a new listing or open house.
  10. Call or visit people in your neighborhood asking for real estate leads and referrals.
  11. Get involved with a local charity or community program.
  12. Create and/or post regularly on a real estate blog.
  13. Create an eCard survey to solicit consumer reactions to real estate trends or issues and send to your database of contacts.
  14. Follow-up weekly with all contacts receiving your eCard campaigns.
  15. Take a friend to breakfast or lunch and ask them who they know that might have a real estate need. Thank them and follow up.
  16. Post comments to 5 people on social media accounts each day.
  17. Go door-to-door to people in your area and introduce yourself as the local real estate expert.
  18. Attend local business group meetings and events (e.g. to meet and network with new people.
  19. Host a biannual or annual customer appreciation event for your database of contacts.
  20. Send a thank-you note to everyone who sends you a lead or referral.
  21. Download the daily expired list from your MLS and contact expired sellers.
  22. Stop by and visit a friend or contact and see how they’re doing.
  23. Visit some of your favorite stores and introduce yourself to the owner or staff you may already know.
  24. Create a real estate marketing video and post it online.